9 Things You Could Do During NYSC – Detailed Guide

For quite some time now, I have been thinking of the right words and tone with which to pen down an article that will pass across the message I have had in mind since rounding up my youth service program concerning things you could do during NYSC. In this article is a detailed guide of things you could do.

As we know it, every year, millions of youths are admitted into higher institutions; millions of youths are also graduating and waiting or joining the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program immediately. Though a few might be exempted due to age requirements.

I was privileged to go for service in 2016 and rounded up in 2017. It of cause availed me the opportunity to live in a place I have never been to and learn the culture of the people. Most importantly the one year program offered me a lot of time to think and make plans. A time for sober reflection indeed.

During NYSC program you would hear corps members asking themselves questions like: what next after youth service? What are we going to do? How do we get that dream job? Should we go into business? Or learn a skill?

Well often times, lots of answers usually provided for these questions and sometimes some turn into jokes just to lighten moods.

I Have The Will To Write Today

Today I read an article on Nairaland about stating and explaining reasons “Why Nigerian Graduates Are Unemployable”. Though the writer made some salient points in his write-up I begged to differ.

First and foremost it is unfair and unjust to compare the educational system in our federal universities today to what is obtainable in United States of America, United Kingdom and most European Countries. I will make this a topic for another day.

9 Things You Could Do During NYSC

Before you continue, kindly note that the points you are about to read are clearly my opinion, based on personal experience, that of friends, associates and other stories I have read about NYSC.

  1. Learn A Skill

In NYSC camps across Nigeria and all through service year, this is one thing that is always hammered upon as though it has become a national anthem. The Skills Acquisition And Entrepreneurship Department, SAED as it is fondly called is a good initiative and is NYSCs response to the youth unemployment challenge in Nigeria.

So if you are a serving corps member or a prospective corps member, take your time, do some research and decide on what skill you will like to learn as most of them come on a cheaper rate during NYSC program.

  1. Look for Home Lesson(s)

Home lesson is usually the best way to earn some extra money as it is not something you do every day except you decide to offer more than one home lesson. Depending on the state you are serving you could earn as much as N10,000 teaching pupils or offering tutorials during your spare time.

  1. Develop The Habit Of Saving

I have a friend who once said his biggest problem is saving. Once he gets money he starts spending and buying things that are not even needed at that point in time. I understand that the N19,800 being paid to corps members hardly sustain them and here I am talking about savings. For corps members serving in PPA’s that pay monthly stipends, please cultivate the habit of saving.

  1. Develop The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

If asked the qualities of an Entrepreneur? What would your answer be? As an entrepreneur one quality you must possess would be the ability to take calculative risks. By risks I don’t mean going to Bet9ja shop and staking your allowee on an outcome you are not sure of. Read: How Gambling Is Ruining Lives.

  1. Think Of A Small Scale Business

You could start a recharge card business during NYSC in your corpers lodge, your PPA or in the neighborhood you reside, all you need is proper marketing and let your mouth do the talk. I have a lady friend who got a shop and started selling food items, today she is raking in profits on a daily basis.

There are tons of business ideas you could think of all depending on your location, you could also make good of your data bundle by researching things that will add value to your life.

  1. Network with people

Your relationship with people matters a lot. What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? Do you want to be remembered as that corper that always chase girls or the corper that spends his time in beer parlour drinking every day?

Keep good company, network with the right people that will add value to your life, resourceful people with useful information.

  1. Look At The Reality On Ground

Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, millions of people are graduating from higher institutions yearly. Government is doing little to provide jobs (take NPower 2017 applicants for example, most of them are still waiting to resume work and this is March already) and some private sector jobs are closing down. Most jobs are now done in a replacement fashion (man know man) rather than recruitment.

  1. Be Your own Boss

It pains my mind to know that most youths do not think of any other way of making money besides getting a job and working for someone. Yes it is okay to be an employee but not for the rest of your life. Earn your salary, have savings, make plans and startup a business. Always have foresight.

I read a quote that goes thus:

Employee: Boss, wow your ferrarri is lovely

Boss: Yeah, thanks. If you work harder this year I will buy a better one next year ”.

  1. Think Deep

One year is a long time to no think about your life and where you want to be after service. Think about what you really want to do after NYSC? Applying and waiting for jobs? What happens when allowee stops entering? Think about legal ways to add extra money to your pocket. Don’t wait until you are done with NYSC. Think Self-employment, think business.


The Nigeria we have today is not the one our Fathers had; it is not the one that gives you a job and a car immediately you are done with service. The Nigeria of today is one that teaches you that going to school and getting good grades is not enough… You ought to have a business mindset. If that job does not come on time, there will be a way to sustain you.

I believe without doubt that there are lots of points relating to things you could do during NYSC that could be added to this list, as their might be some that I might have forgotten myself. Feel free to use the comment box to add to the points I have written on.

Don’t forget to share this article if you have learnt something new by reading it. Thanks for your time.


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