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If you are reading this article right now or you have landed on this page, then I believe you searched for the term how to become a yahoo boy or about yahoo boys format. Whatever the case may be, if you desire to become a successful a yahoo boy in Nigeria then please read on, because this article might just be your saving grace from a potential doom.

In 2013 I met a class mate after about 6 years of graduating from high school. He was looking all fine and fresh and their I was looking a bit rough and untidy on the very day we met.

I was happy to see him as he was happy to see me too. We discussed at length, exchanged contacts and went our separate ways. Our conversation continued via whatsaap chat in the night and I was asking him to tell me the business he was into if I could partake in it too because it was obvious that he was in money.

His first reply was “my friend, you get mind”? meaning do you have a bold heart? In my mind I was a bit skeptical in answering that question as so many things popped into my head and I started thinking whether he was into money rituals or armed. But the thought of him being a yahoo boy never crossed my mind.

So I replied by saying yes “bros I get mind, so long as its legit”. He said yes its legit but he won’t be able to tell me on whatsaap and I have to meet with face to face. I met with him in an open place the following day and this was his story:

“I started yahoo in 2011, because I was really broke and couldn’t even afford the fee to buy a jamb form talk more paying school fees. I chat with white women abroad using fake profiles, telling them how much I love them and how I cant wait to be with them, until I am able to convince them to send me money.

But it is not as easy as it sounds because most of these white people are becoming smarter and understand the tricks of yahoo boys so it becomes difficult to convince most of. This is why I am using yahoo plus, although we call it science.

I have a chairman (supposed native doctor) who is a very young guy, he is the one that prepares the juju and tells me how to use it. Some days he calls me on phone in the morning and gives me strict instruction on what to do on that particular day.

I ensure that I keep to the rules so that my charm will always be effective and that way I can make the white women send me money”

After he narrated his story I was shocked deep down inside of me and I couldn’t believe that he was into yahoo yahoo and scamming white women. He said if I was interested in making money he will call the chairman so that he prepare a charm for me that I too can use in scamming people.

There and then I told him that I am sorry and I cannot be a part of it. As expected he was visibly angry and left in annoyance.

Fast forward to 2017 that is 4 years later. I met him in a tricycle and we alighted at the same bus stop. “He began telling me that he has repented and retraced his footsteps, that he regretted his actions and ever doing those things he did.

He confirmed to me that a point in his life it was as though he was sliding into depression. He had money YES. But he couldn’t enjoy it because his mind was not always at rest. It is either he is scared of EFCC catching up to him, or he the next task his so called chairman will tell him to perform.

It was like living like a prisoner in his own life. Some of his friends got arrested in the process of receiving the scam money and some have even lost their life.

He had no choice than to confide in a pastor who counseled him and prayed for him. He sold everything he got through scamming and donated the proceeds to orphanage home, and then he started learning tailoring skill”.

I smiled, because I was happy that he has seen the light, knowing that there are so many legit ways to make money both online and offline. If you are thinking of becoming a yahoo boy, you better think twice because the end is destruction.

Things To Consider Before Wanting To Join Yahoo Boys

  1. You Become Very Secretive And Over protective

When you become a yahoo boy, you lose your freedom. You begin to tell lies a lot to people who used to know you, your friends and even your family when the try to enquire about your source of income. You become aggressive when people try to touch your phone or laptop because you do not want them to see what you are hiding. This is the life of most yahoo boys.

  1. Depression Sets In Slowly

Because most of the times you are alone or in the company of your fellow yahoo boys. You know you have money but you also know that the source of the money is not clean, most times when you are alone, your mind is thinking about how to scam the next victim, how to not get caught by EFCC, what kind of juju you will do next and sorts of rubbish.

If you are still thinking of becoming a yahoo boy, get ready to slide into depression, because after showcasing extra vagrant lifestyle from your ill-gotten wealth, you will still be left with your conscience to judge you at night.

“The conscience is like an open wound”.

  1. You Will Experience Sleepless Nights

Yahoo boys hardly have a goodnight rest. How can you sleep when you are depressed? When your mind is not at rest? God created sleep and sleep is priceless, so if you are ready to give up your sleep and by extension your health then go and become a yahoo boy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. You Will lose Friends

It is without doubt that you will begin to avoid your old time friends that are not into the yahoo thing with you. Just like every other cult or fraternity you will most likely only want to associate with people of like minds. Even some of your friends will be the once avoiding you so they don’t get into trouble by associating with you.


Why think of becoming a yahoo boy or living the life that yahoo boys live when there are lots of legitimate and easy businesses that can make you lots of money here in Nigeria? Why choose to destroy your life all in the name of making money? Honestly, it takes more skills to succeed as a yahoo boy than it takes to start-up a successful business here in Nigeria.

One thing we should always have in mind is that money is not the primary thing in life; I have heard somebody say “it is better to smile on a bicycle than to be weeping in a ferrari”. That is the yahoo boy life. You see them driving big cars, but their mind is down casted.

You are not taking any money you make on earth to your grave, money cannot buy happiness, but clean money will give you peace of mind. Would you not want to go to sleep peacefully? Or walk freely on the streets without watching your back? I believe you love freedom.

If you clicked on this link in search of how to become a yahoo boy, then I am sorry to disappoint you. The purpose of this blog is to disseminate useful information, regarding business opportunities and living a positive lifestyle.

Becoming a yahoo boy is both illegal and negative to your lifestyle. Take your time to browse through the business section of these blog, read business ideas and ask questions. You can make it positively. Others have, why not you?

I know this post will generate negative comments from some of the yahoo boys who feel I am discouraging people or potential new participants, well I have only one thing to say. Truth must be made known.



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