14 Best Business Ideas For Engineers

Business ideas for engineers is something that does not always echo loud as most people only want to focus on their job. It is quite a funny statement to say that Engineers cannot make extra money apart from doing engineering jobs. As a matter of fact there exist examples of many professional engineers both local and abroad who earn much while practicing engineering, some of them are even bloggers.

However, here are:

14 best business ideas engineers can take on if they want to maximize their earnings.

Best business ideas for engineers

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way Engineers can leverage their engineering knowledge, experience and expertise these days. The moment your blog reaches the point of attracting a reasonable amount of traffic, you could sign-up for AdSense and some other advertising agencies to monetize your blog. Oh you could also sale space for advert. That way you maximize your savings. You could even blog on a different niche you have got passion for. This 2018 the world is going digital.

  1. Consultant

Provide professional advice depending on your engineering background, handle contracts and projects, research and provide solutions for the industries.

  1. Book Writer

Graduate or Professional Engineers with sufficient knowledge about their field could write engineering books or manuals simplifying terms for aspiring students and undergraduates.

  1. Career Adviser

You could become a career adviser to help prospective Engineers in identifying, clarifying and achieving their goals. Tips to maintaining a professional and personal life, how to strike a balance and the Engineering ethics in order to lead a successful life on and off work.

  1. Freelance

Often times I laugh when I listen to some people saying Engineers have no business with freelancing. As an Engineer if you have the wring ability to captivate and impress readers, then you have every chance of increasing your income by working as a freelance writer, for newspaper, blogs and even Engineering editors.

There are lots of Engineers on freelance sites. Take Upwork for example, engineers on that freelance site offer their expertise on their related fields and they earn good money.

  1. Write E-books

If finding and attracting and pleasing publishers seems difficult for you or you simply cannot afford the cost, you could simply write your books, put them in PDF formats and sale them on websites like Amazon to make profit.

  1. Engineering Teacher

Prepare and deliver engineering classes by applying and filling a vacant post of a teacher in a nearby school.  I for example have been doing part time teaching.

  1. Editor

Help your local newspapers or magazines or even engineering bodies in correcting and deciding the final content before they publish. You can also offer a gig on Fiverr to proofread and edit contents. That way you make some extra money.

  1. Sports Referee

This may sound a bit funny, but if you know the rules of the game, not necessarily football you can decided to referee In some games. Having fun and earning little bucks.

  1. Resume Writer

Write impressive resumes on behalf of engineering undergraduates to help them get internship positions and of cause graduate jobs that the desire in life.

  1. Personal Trainer

In my undergraduate days I came across lots of Engineers and even lecturers that a flair for fitness. If you are one, you could think of ways of providing instructions to help people develop optimal health. Note that you could do this both offline and online.

  1. Gym Center

If you are not a good personal trainer, you may open a gym center of your own where people could come in and perform exercises to keep themselves fit.

  1. Jumia Seller

I decided to use Jumia because a bit more popular. If you or your family is into making handmade items, you could give it more exposure on the Jumia to millions of registered customers. You could also start mini importation and sale your products online.

  1. Agent Service

As an Engineer, you could have an agent service to help undergraduates, graduates, professionals in getting internship positions or job placements, handling their resumes and providing study guide and interview tips.


I do hope you have learnt something new by reading this article on business ideas for engineers. Please share your thoughts or add any business ideas for engineers that you feel I might have left out using the comment box. Also don’t forget to share with friends. Thanks.

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