How to Start a Petrol Filling Station Business in Nigeria

Petrol filling station

Petrol Filling Station business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that brings profit within the very short span of time. In some top cities like Abuja Lagos Portharcout, Kano, Kaduna etc.

The Petrol Feeling Station sell like garri business thereby making the owner very profitable in a very short time.

There her things to consider before setting up a Petrol Filling Station. and there are also requirements for starting a Petrol Feeling Station Business anywhere in the country.

The thing to consider before setting up a Petrol Filling Station in Nigeria is the location. the location has the most important role to play in any business you want to venture into.below is a clear guide on how to get a nice location for your Petrol Filling Station Business in Nigeria.

The requirement for starting up a Petrol Filling Station in Nigeria

A Nice Location

Carry out research and collect much information about the business structure and the location you intend to establish. this is very important as it will play a part in the success of your Petrol Filling Station business.

Location for this business is not as it is for all other businesses, here you only have to consider a location that is beside the highway.

If your Petrol Filling Station location is beside the highway you will be exposed to travelers.

position your Petrol Filling Station close to a busy area like a motor park, roundabout, or market is a plus so that vehicles engaging in commercial activities in those areas could easily branch and make use of your fuel station to have their tank refilled.

If your intended location is by the double lanes express-way, make sure the proposed land for your petrol station is close to a U-Turn or roundabout.

The land you get in your desired location must be very big to accommodate a lot of vehicles


You will need some millions to set your Petrol Feeling Station up and running.
20 million or more will be a very good start (that is why this business in for the rich).

your capital will be used to register the business, get a nice location and get the required equipment installed.


Registration is very important for Petrol Feeling Station Business. this will give you License and Approval to start the Petrol Feeling Station Business. If you want to start-up with your name and brand, you will have to register directly with the NNPC board. You can also choose to work under a well know brand like Mobile, A.p, Total.

whichever way you want to work has its advantage and disadvantage.

Fuel Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tank, these tanks comes in various measurements: 30,000 litres, 35,000 litres, 40,000 litres, 45,000 litres, 60,000 litres, etc.
A higher volume in liters is advisable, this will enable you to make a purchase before the fuel in your tank gets finished thereby increase you market capability.

You Need Staffs For Your Petrol Filling Station


You will need a security or two. during the daytime, one can work but make sure at night you have people to safe-guide your business place so you won’t get boggled.


 It is always advisable to have two attendants on a fuel pump, this is required to make the business fast when you have a lot of vehicles to sell to.


You will need a person that will be able to keep the record of all the sells made and to collect sells made and deposit them to our required account. this is the job of a cashier.


The staffs need to be well coordinated even in your absence, so you will have to employ a supervisor to make sure everyone does his or her job while you were not around. the supervisor will give you the report of all the happenings when you come.


A manager is standing for you when you are not around, all the decision of continuing the petrol filling station will be handled and taken by him in your absence.

Must Have For Your Petrol Filling Station

  • Canopy over you Pumps: this will provide a shade to your workers and customers
  • Perimeter fence: You will need a fence, no matter how short it is.
  • Hardcore flooring: A hardcore floor is required to be able to carry the weight of the vehicles that will be coming.
  • Standby Generator: You will not expect to work with light in this country, get a nice and a big generator.
  • Fuel Pumps (Electronic): you will need about 5 – 6 electronic pump for this business.


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