How To Find The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Starting a new blog can sometimes be challenging, even if you are a professional web designer that can design professional and responsive looking blogs. The question that comes to mind is once your site is up, what do you post or write about? Defining what your blog is going to be about. This post details how to find the perfect niche for your blog that is best for you.

First What Is A Niche?

In simple terms, a niche is basically what your blog is about i.e what you are blogging about. It refers to the information you offer to your audience and what topics are covered. You can choose to have a broad niche or a tight niche, there is no such thing as a wrong niche. The aim is to find what you have passion for, what you can write about and never get bored, what suits your personality and topics you enjoy researching on.

Some Examples Of Niches

  • Entertainment
  • Health and fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Gossip
  • Cooking

It is possible to also go further into these niches, for example you may only want to blog about basketball instead of sports in general. You can also combine two niches; my blog is a perfect example of that.

How do you find the perfect niche for your blog?

Follow Your Passion

Everyone has one or more things that the love. It may be analyzing football clubs. It may be cooking. It might be going on adventures, travelling. It may be writing fictional stories. The question is what do you love? Where does your passion lay? Write down the list of things you really enjoy. Be creative. Think deep.

Are you an expert in a special field?

Some people have a special field of expertise, such as being an engineer, a nurse, a lawyer or just being really, really good at telling witty jokes. What are the things you have certifications on? Things you can comfortably teach? Things you can beat your chest and say damn I am good at it? Write down the things that you do well. For me, I love to research. This will give you a true scope of the possibilities of your new blog and why you should start a blog.

Think About What You Could Write Like Forever

Find the perfect niche for your blog

Now you have a possible list of things you have passion for, things you love to do, things you are good at. It could be a very small list or a very big list. Think about the topics, do some writing, research online if possible to have ideas. Hire freelance writers if the case maybe. Do you already have tons of ideas for fashion posts swirling in your head? If your answer is yes then consider yourself one step closer to finding the perfect niche for your blog.

Look At Your Final List

At this point, I believe you should have it narrowed down to a few ideas. Perhaps you only have one idea or you have 6 ideas. Its ok, look at your list. Brain storm on it. Take a few days. Look it over again. The idea is to meditate on the possible niches for your future blog without making a hasty decision.

As time goes on, you will keep getting ideas for possible niches on your blog you will keep going back to one again and again.

Be Confident Enough And Go For It

Once you find the perfect niche, discard your list. Don’t leave any room for doubts. Be confident and start a blog in that niche. Write your first post. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look pretty, as time goes on you will sharpen your writing skills.

I believe if you take your time and follow through the processes listed above, you will in a short time find the perfect niche for you blog.

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