How To Start A Beer Parlour Business In Nigeria

Beer parlour business is one of the most lucrative business today in Nigeria, unknown to most people. Most Nigerian men and women love to relax after the days’ work.

You will learn how to start a beer parlour business in Nigeria.

Seating in a round table and cracking joke with friends over some bottles of beer, wine, pepper soup or roasted fish….ummm yummy.

Imagine how you would feel when you want to grab a bottle of chilled beer and there is no beer parlour within your vicinity, sometimes the thought of going far discourages you. Well you could turn that disappoint into a business idea right now.

Reasons Why You should Start a Beer Parlour Business In Nigeria

Have you noticed that every year new brands of beer keep coming out, just last year (More, Life and even Stella) were the new beer hat came into market and are all selling well.

Millions of bottles are consumed daily by Nigerian men and women and billions of naira is realized too on a daily basis. During festive seasons some beer products even becomes scarce as a result of high demands

From my experience beer parlour business is one business that will ensure that you have money in your hands on a daily because people must come to drink even if it is just a bottle and eat.

Now let’s do a little arithmetic a bottle of Legend or Gulder cost about 250 Naira in average Nigerian bars and the wholesale price for each bottle is about 200 naira per bottle. This implies that for every bottle sold you make a profit of 50 naira.

Assuming you sale 300 bottles of this brand per day, you make a profit of 300 x 50 = 15,000 naira. Just from selling drinks. You will make extra profit if you decide to include things like “Double Black can drinks, Mc Dowells, Erujeje, Babk oku, Jeddi plus, Best cream, Balck Bullet” and so many other can and plastic drinks. They have more profit than bottle drinks.

If you are a serious minded individual, in less than 6 months after you start a beer parlour business, you would have recouped your initial investment.

Start a Beer Parlour Business In Nigeria

Steps For Starting A Beer Palour Business In Nigeria

  1. Location Matters Alot

In searching for a place to establish your beer parlour business, ensure that the location has good access road, as some prospective customers might coming with their vehicles.

  1. Look Out For Other Beer Parlours Around You

Are there other beer palours in the location you would like to establish yours? If yes. Don’t worry go ahead and establish, every business needs healthy completion to thrive well.

  1. Buy A Deep Freezer And A Fridge

It doesn’t have to be new; you could get a second freezer or fridge. The freezer will be very useful should incase you decide to sale pepper soup and other edible items whereas the fridge will be used to ensure your drinks are always chill. ”Remember beer is best served chilled”. With time the company will dash you fridge and freezers to sale their drinks.

  1. Ensure You Buy Quality Tables And Chairs

I am emphasizing on the word quality because this are items you will be using for a long time before the beer company gives you theirs. So it is important that you buy something of good quality that will last for a long time.

  1. Buy A Generator

This cannot be over emphasized, knowing that we live in a country where power supply is not guaranteed for 24 hours, you would do well to get a mini generator that can power at least on of your refrigerators and also make your business place bright especially at night.

  1. Employ A Sale Personnel

Depending on the size of your bar, you could employ sales girls or boys to help you in speeding up services being rendered.

  1. Buy The Different Brand Of Beer And Spirit Drinks

I will advise that you start by buying more of the popular brands like star, Hero, Heineken, Gulder, satzenbrau, Medium stout and others in little quantity. Also buy drinks like, magic moment, erujeje, baby oku, action bitters, Smirnoff ice Double black, Mc dowels, etc. the list is endless.

With all this in place you are ready to start a beer parlour business in Nigeria and ofcause making money from it.

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