How To Make Money By Posting Pictures Online

Often times when I see people uploading over 50 pictures on social media in a month just to get attention, I laugh not knowing they could make money by posting pictures online.

Do you know that it is possible for you to make thousands of dollars from your photos or photos of any other thing e.g animals, houses, flowers, humans, etc. online?

In this post, i will teach you how to achieve all of this all you need to do is just sit back, relax and learn for free.

Make Money By posting Pictures Online (Method 1)

  1. Type Of Photo

You can use any kind of photo but it must be a photo taken by you and not some random photo downloaded from the internet or taken from some other person’s phone. Photos which have no copyright are also not allowed.

  1. Shutterstock

I believe you must have seen some pictures online with the word “shutterstock” engraved on it. Shutterstock is a website that lets people to download photos for a certain fee.

You earn money each time your photo is downloaded. You can earn up to 0.35$ per download. This implies that if your photo is downloaded 1000 times, you will earn 350$ (N127,750) depending on exchange rate. From just a single photo.

To be able to upload your photos on the website, register as a contributor. On the website scroll down you will see where it is written “become a contributor” click on it and begin your journey to make money by posting pictures online.

  1. Istockphoto

Istockphoto also allows you to upload pictures and make money from it when a subscriber downloads it.

Note that this websites have conditions your photos must meet before it can be approved.

With i stock photos, the commission you can earn ranges from 15 to 45%.

Istockphotos have very  a strict vetting process, so ensure that you upload high quality images.

  1. Fotolia

Fotolia is a photography website that is owned by Adobe.

With Fotolia you can earn up to 20 to 45% commission on the images you sell. The better your contributor rank in fotolia, the higher you will earn.

  1. PhotoMoolah

In PhotoMoolah you enter different photography contests, unlike other websites where you have to upload your images to an online catalogue.

The average contest price is between $100 to $200. So if your photos win, you will be racking up a huge profit.

All you need do is browse through the contests on the site and submit your images to the themes that you prefer the most.

  1. 123Rf

Earn up to 60% commission when someone downloads your image

  1. Alamy

Alamy lets you earn 50% of each sale.

  1. Bistock

In bigstock you earn per download and based on the image size and the customers type of payment plan.

  1. Pond5

This platform lets you set your own prices and earn 50% from each sale. I think that’s a good deal.

  1. SmugMug

You earn 85% of the sales when you upload your photos and set a price at smugmug.


How To Get More Downloads On Your picture

Since we are not uploading pictures for fun like most people do on Facebook but we intend to make money from it, I will be teaching you want to do in order to get more downloads. More downloads equals more money.

It is not a trick or hack, it is simple logic. Want your picture to get more downloads and become popular? Just take a good picture with a good camera (picture quality matters) and trust me the popularity will come in naturally.

Remember that this is not a get rich quick scheme even though you can make good money within 5 days with good and quality pictures. Having attractive pictures that captures the attention of your audience will attract more downloads.

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Make Money By posting Pictures Online (Method 2)

Money made posting pictures

I chose to make this method second because it is quite easier than the first method. In this method you will create a photo book.

A photo book is a book that contains all your photos. After creating your photo book, you can sale it on Amazon. After registering you can begin to publish your book.

How To Simply Setup Your Photo Book

In creating a photo book, it doesn’t necessarily have to contain you pictures. You can create a photo book that contains photo of anything. You can create a photo book with pictures of places in Nigeria or any other country you are in and sell it as a book.

The first step is to create a PDF document and add all your photos inside it. When you uploade the file, amazon has a software that will automatically concert your PDF file into a book format, thereby saving you the stress of converting the file to a book.

Imagine you selling your photo book for 4$ which of cause is the average or usual price tag and you sell just 500 copies, that will be equal to 2000$ which is about N750,000. For me that’s a good income for very little stress.

It is possible for you create several photo books, with as low as 40 pictures per photo book.

How To Create A 50 Page Photo Book With Ease

To create a 50 page photo book, all you need to do is divide your photo book to contain one picture per page so that if you have 50 pictures you can create 50 pages photo book. Same procedure applies if you have 100 pictures and above.

Note that if you have a 100 page photo book you can decide to set the price higher than that of a 50 page photo book.


Don’t stress yourself to acquire a digital camera or whatsoever. If you have an android or ios phone just go to play store and download camera360 or any other good camera app that you can use to quickly edit pictures and make it even more attractive. Make money by posting pictures online.

You just need to be consistent in uploading your pictures and make sure you do some research into what each site looks for and what sells well on each platform you choose.

If you do that then your chances of being successful is very much on the high side.

So give some of the sites i have listed a trial and you could really boost your income.

Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme.

Still wondering if people really make money uploading pictures online? See how Evgeny Tchbotarev made $1,602.5 with 500px prime in just a few weeks.

If you have learnt something new by reading this article today, kindly share with friends and also ask your questions in the comment box for clarity.

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