How To Make Money On Nairaland Forum

For some time now, I have been researching on how you can make money online as a Nigerian. There are many ways you can make money online and today I will be sharing how to make money on Nairaland.

As at 22nd, February 20018, Nairaland has a glonal rank of 1,286 and is ranked 10 in Nigeria. I don’t need to tell you that the forum receives millions of unique visitors on a daily basis and most of this visitors are in need of different services.

If you have any skill, then I will advice you begin your from nairaland and you can become really popular and make some cool cash too. Instead of dragging for FTC (first to comment).

How To Make Money On Nairaland

  1. Know your onions

I.e discover your skill. What is that thing you are good at? Is it graphic design? Web design? Programming? Career advice? Are you a medical doctor? Nairaland has sections for every category and you can establish yourself in one of them.

Personally I have bought and sold bitcoin to people I met on nairaland, met a few freelance writers too who are making money doing what they love to do.

Some people sell e-books, some offer training, some teach you how to buy and sale domain names. Get on Nairaland and make good use of it today.

  1. Build a Portfolio

Whether as a web developer, graphic designer, freelance writer etc. You will need to establish yourself on Nairland by building a solid portfolio. I have seen graphic designers displaying works from there portfolio and my you need to see how people contact them for business.

Build a portfolio today by opening a thread in a business section or whatever section you are interested in. treat the thread like it’s a personal blog

  1. Promotion

On Nairaland promotion is free, you can effectively promote yourself, your service and products. Your Nairaland signature is like a gold mine, use it wisely. This blog has a thread on Nairaland and everyday it gets traffic from the forumn. Talk about free promotion,

  1. Post in sections related to your service

As a blogger I am usually active in the webmaster and business section. If you an a programmer then you should be posting in the programming section. That way you can make money on Nairaland.

Be safe From Scammers On Nairaland

Just like every other social forumn, Nairaland is filled with the good, the bad and the ugly. It is always advisable to do background checks before trading with anyone, don’t be in a hurry to send money to anyone.

Post the persons username and ask if the person is a legit business person.


Another way will be to type the persons username/moniker in the search box and you will see all comments relating to that username.


However some scammers usually change their username, what this means is that even they give you an account number to pay. Post the account name and number on Nairaland and ask if anyone has done business with such person before.

Mode Of Payment?

The easieat and fastest way to receive your money will be a Nigerian bank account via mobile or internet banking provided the client is also a Nigerian. It also depends on you. What mode of payment is more convenient for you and your client, Bitcoin and paypal are other options.

Closing Words

Making money on Nairaland unknown to many is quite easy. Do not waste your time and data in exchanging words on Nairaland or struggling for first to comment. Be more useful, productive and add value to yourself.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box.

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