How To Make Money On Steemit In Nigeria


Make money on steemit

Steemit is one of the many social websites (including Topbuzz platform, etc.) that allows it users to upload contents and make money by so doing. Steemit is powered by the Steem blockchain and STEEM cryptocurrency (the currency in which it pays).

You can make money on Steemit by posting articles, quotes, uploading photos, memes, songs, videos and lots more. Steemit is just another way of earning money online.

The one thing that differentiates Steemit from other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., is the fact that Steemit shares the rewards and benefits it receives from the users back to the users for their contribution in making and sustaining the platform.

The Steem blockchain has 3 digital currencies in which you can store your reward.

  • Steem Power and
  • Steem Dollars

Why Choose To Make Money Steemit?

  • Zero capital investment
  • Cryptocurrency payment
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Steemit is here to stay

How To Make Money On Steemit In Nigeria

Make money on steemit


  1. Create An Account

The first step to making money on Steemit will be to create an account. Go to:

  • Click at the sign-up link at the top of the website
  • Enter your email address and verify your phone number (ensure that you enter a valid number)

If your information is successfully verified, you will be added in the waiting list to receive an account. The waiting time usually differs, some takes up to a month while some others exceed that. It all depends on the number of people on the queue. In my case it took 3 weeks before I received an email notification saying my account has been approved.

  1. Setup Your profile

When you login for the first time, go to user settings and update your profile: Display name, About, Location, Website etc. click the update button when you are done making changes to update your profile.

  1. Sign Up On Steem Chat

This is not usually necessary although most users while away time by chatting with other users when they are not posting contents. Not that is different from your main Steemit content.

  1. Create Your First post

Your first should be about you. Often called “introduceyourselfpost”. Though it is not a necessity, it has become more like a tradition to introduce yourself and tell the community who you are. You can find some examples here.

  1. Upload More Contents

To make money on Steemit you have to treat like a business. See the steemit platform like a personal blog where you can upload quality contents that solves peoples problems, by doing so, you will attract more upvotes and comments on your uploads.

  1. Be Persistent

Again I will say, treat your Steemit account as you would a blog. for bllogs do not just generate traffic and popularity overnight, it takes hard work  and consistency on the side of the blog owners before the blog begings to gain popularity. Same thing happens on steemit, don’t just expect your awesome post to become the talk of steemit. It takes time and patience. Ensure that you proofread your posts before uploading them.

  1. Infographics

This is something I have noticed lots of people do not make use of on Steemit. What most people do not know is that a well-designed infographic describing a process or teaching something new, is easily shareable and upvoted by others. Reason: Because you save them the time of having to read a lengthy article and instead you have summarized it using images in form of infographics.

  1. Be An Active Member

Votes do not fall from the sky. Like I pointed out in point 6. You have to be up and running, be regular in uploading, upvote other peoples post, follow other members and they will in turn follow you. That way your popularity increases.

To follow an author, simply click on the authors username and click the “Follow” button.

  1. Curation

Curators are people who vote on a post. They receive up to 25% of the reward for the post they have voted on.

Accumulating your Steem power helps you earn big by voting and also increases your potential curation reward. It is important that you do not misuse it when you start earning.

  1. Payments

Payouts on Steemit are made 7 days after the post/comment is created. You can claim your rewards in your wallet after 7 days.


Steemit continues to grow as its popularity increases. Unlike bitcoin you do not need to buy Steem currency. Start making money on Steemit today and you will be glad you joined in the early stages.

Remember Steemit like every platform that offers you the opportunity to make money online, is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires patience and consistency. With time you will be surprised how far you have gone and how much you have earned.

Next I will be writing an article on how you can withdraw on Steemit. Remember to use ask your questions in the comment box and I will be glad to reply. Or you could use the contact me form.

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