How To Start A Phone Repair Business

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Phone repair business has become a very lucrative business as phones have become a very integral part of our lives. At some point users will need to service, change parts or repair their cellphones.

With so many phone users, there is certainly a huge market potential in setting up a phone repair business. I know a few guys who started this business from scratch a few years ago and have become millionaires today.

Below, I have listed some of the basic requirements in setting up your own phone repair business.

Learn How To Start A Phone Repair Business In Nigeria

  1. Business Plan

The idea of a business plan for every startup business cannot be overemphasized. This is where you will make a detailed analysis of your finances, what you have and what you don’t, how you could source for funds and lots more in starting your phone repair business.

  1. Type Of Phone You Want To Repair

You should decide the type of phone(s) you want to repair based on what is obtainable in your area. This is important because not all phones are the same and you can’t afford to be jack of all trade and master of none. In Nigeria, Android phones control about 80% of the market share devices.

  1. Get Trained

After you have decided which phone type you will like to repair, your next step will be to get trained. It is advisable that you search for experts in phone repair business, enroll and get properly trained, the training usually takes less than 2 months. The aim will be for you to get familiarized with both the software and hardware fixing techniques.

There are also lots of videos on Youtube that you can learn from, if you have sufficient data to watch or download them. These videos have also detailed a step by step tutorial on how to repair phones. Or you can join mobile repair forums like

  1. Acquiring The Necessary Tools And Equipment

This is a technical work business and like any other technical work, it requires some tools and equipments. Just like a carpenter would need hammers, saw etc.

Tools for opening

  • Screw Drivers
  • Openers
  • Tweezers

Servicing and cleaning tools

  • Iso propyl alcohol (IPA)
  • Brush
  • Ultrasonic cleaner machine

Checking and testing machine

  • Multimeter
  • LCD repair tools

Soldering and desoldering

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder wire
  • Soldering flux
  • Jumper wire

Other tools

  • Nose pliers
  • Magnifying glass
  • Lamp
  • DC supply

Note that in addition to the aforementioned tools, there are some other tools that are used to repair phones and have not been mentioned in this post. Ensure that you buy tools which are Electrostatic discharge (ESD).

  1. Get A Computer

You will need a computer for checking and rectifying all software problems. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the latest computer version or new. You can get a second hand or fairly used computer, what matters most is that it serves you well and saves you cost.

  1. Choosing A Location

In setting up your phone repair shop, location is key. You can choose a location either in a commercial area or a residential area. More emphasis is usually laid on residential areas because of the low completion you will have to face in a commercial or market area as a newbie. And if you do a good work, be sure to know that you are bound to win your clients friends and family into your phone repair business and this translates to more money for you.

  1. Tidy Your Surroundings

Once you start your phone repair business, always ensure that your surroundings is clean and your workstation is free from dusts. Remember you will be handling smartphones which are mostly expensive and no one will feel comfortably handing over his/her phone to someone working in an untidy workshop.

  1. Getting Your First Customers

Depending on your location, people around will always notice that new shop that has opened for business. To advertise your business and increase awareness, you could share handbills, newspaper ads, setup a banner in front of your store, etc. do not also forget the power of social media, share on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You could also join forums and advertise your phone repair business free of charge.

Note: You should also search for spare part suppliers who can supply you the required spare parts and accessories in short time.

Other services you could offer in your cell phone store

To make extra income, apart from phone repair, you could also:

  • Sale phone accessories
  • Recharge cards (for prepaid phones) and sale of SIM cards
  • Downloads: music, videos, softwares, etc.
  • Buying and selling of used cell phones/Refurbishing
  • Selling new phones


Phone repair business is a profitable business when all the right variables are put in place.

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