How To Start A Shawarma Stand Business In Nigeria

Shawarma also spelled shawurma is a meat preparation, where beef, chicken, turkey, are placed on a split and grilled for some time. Shawarma stand business was introduced into Nigeria by the Lebanese and today we know who consumes more shawarma in Nigeria.

I was discussing with a female friend before writing this article, and she told how she doesn’t joke with shawarma and most girls love shawarma. Literarily saying she can do anything to have shawarma lol. Well girls love shawarma it is a known fact especially in Nigeria.

One major reason why this business is important is because you earn continuously on a daily basis. There is absolutely no limit to how much you can earn depending on how hardworking you are. Both the young and old will patronize you, lovers and singles inclusive.

This article details how you can start this business in Nigeria or any other part of the world you are in. With the right attitude your business will break even in less than 3 months.

Shawarma Stand Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Shawarma Stand Business In Nigeria

  1. Feasibility Studies and Business plan

Every business needs to first be under-studied, depending on your location, how many of such business is situated there, is starting a shawarma business stand feasible in such location? And how you can make yours different. These are some of the things you will be looking into in your feasibility studies and business plan.

Next you write your business plan, this is to help you determine the capital you require to start and also analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) which is intended to specify the objectives of the business and identify the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving those objectives.

Strengths – characteristics of the shawarma stand business that gives it an advantage over others: Below are some factors that can increase your business strength and increase sales:

  • Presentation; this basically has to do with packaging, how carry yourself, how presentable goods look and how nice and convenient your business stand is.
  • Taste; ever bought an edible that tastes great from a shop, a stand or an eatery? What did you do? I guess you began recommending friends and family to that spot. This is why should focus on ensuring that you make a shawarma that is simply irresistible.
  • Hygiene; No one likes to eat in a dirty environment. No matter how tasty your shawarma is, if your environment is dirty you will get low patronage on in worst cases no patronage.
  • Price; when starting out new, learn to attract customers by spying on your completion and looking for ways to beat them. One of these is via price. Sale a bit lower than what they are selling.

Weaknesses – characteristics of the business that places the business at a disadvantage in comparison to others within the vicinity or town.

Opportunities – this has to do with factors in the environment that the business could take advantage of.

Threats – these are factors in the environment that could cause trouble or bring harm to the business.

Basically a business plan gives you a general analysis of the business you intend to start.

  1. First Acquire The experience

Like any other business, you must first learn the processes involved in preparing a shawarma. A good and tasty kind of shawarma requires great expertise. You would want to ensure that your shower tastes better than any other shawarma that is obtainable in town.

You could work under a shawarma seller for at least two weeks after learning how to make a shawarma so as to gain the necessary skills and exposure required in marketing your shawarma. This way starting a shawarma stand business becomes easier for you.

  1. Location

In writing your business plan, the location where your shawarma business stand would be located should be given utmost priority.  Like for any other business, location is a key factor, you wouldn’t establish a shawarma stand in a village and expect it to boom like one that is established in the city with high influx of people.

Examples of good locations would be high school areas, university areas, business centers where there is always high influx of people especially younger people and youths.

  1. Choose A Business Name And Register It

It is not enough to have a business name. Most people are operating businesses in Nigeria and their business names are not registered. Some are even operating business with names that have been registered by others without knowing the implication. If you know you don’t want to settle for less, ensure you have your business name registered even before kick-starting your business. Registration can be done manually or online through the corporate affairs commission (CAC)

  1. Be Unique

I remember reading an article online about a Hausa man who opened a suya stand in London. He wasn’t the first to do this but his uniqueness singled him out and he made headlines. From your location, to your design, to the colors you choose, to how great your shawarma tastes, these are all the things you need to put into consideration during your market analysis. So that as soon as you lunch your own shawarma stand, yours will be the talk of town. It is all about packaging.

Is Shawarma Stand Business profitable?

I wouldn’t give a direct answer to this. I believe the following analysis will help you answer the question yourself. In most eateries in Nigeria, shawarma goes for N1500 – N2500. The cheapest I ever had was N1000 and that was in NYSC camp. The fascinating thing about this business is that it costs less than N700 to prepare a shawarma.

Assuming you are selling your shawarma in an NYSC camp and you decide to sell for N1000. If you sell 10 in a day you make a profit of about N3000. This is just a rough estimate using NYSC Camps which is periodic. So YES shawarma stand business is profitabale.

Items Needed To Start A Shawarma Stand Buisness

  • Oven or Shawarma toaster
  • Skillet
  • Deep freezer
  • Electric/Gas cooker
  • Bowls and Cutleries
  • Split
  • Show Glass
  • Branded Uniforms and Apron
  • Pots
  • A Big umbrella

The costs of these materials are not on the high side, depending on your location as they can be sought easily or fabricated. With roughly N300k you are good to go.


Shawarma business stand is a very profitable business. It doesn’t require a lump sum of money to set it up. All you need is to be mentored under a professional, get a good location. Profit is guaranteed on a daily basis just like any other business that people have to eat or drink.

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