How To Start Biscuit production Business In Nigeria

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Biscuit production has been a thriving business in Nigeria. Looking at the biscuits market in Nigeria today, you will discover that there are different brands of biscuit and sometimes you might even get confused on which to buy.

Biscuits have a longer and useful lifespan, are easily conveyed and light. Additionally it does not cost so much to produce biscuits and cheaply transportable over a long distance because of its light weight.

Profitability of Biscuit production In Nigeria

Biscuit business is one business that is not seasonal. It has a high daily consumption demand. I don’t think there is any state or district in Nigeria where biscuits is not being sold. Both the poor and rich can afford biscuits as pricing is usually not a factor, except for very expensive biscuits. Given its high demand, one can say that biscuit production business is indeed a very lucrative business in Nigeria.

Market Overview Of Biscuit production Business In Nigeria

Statistics shows that there are about 16 biscuit manufacturing companies/factories in Nigeria with an estimated biscuit consumption proportion of 500,000 – 600,000 metric tons annually.

These indices suggest that Nigeria has a large market for biscuit business investment; this is so given its continuous patronage by both young and old in the country.

How To Produce Biscuit In Nigeria

In the production process of biscuit

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Fat
  • Water and
  • Other ingredients

Are mixed in the right quantity to form dough (a thick, malleable, sometimes elastic paste). The paste is then ejected from the mixer and placed into a tub or trough from which it is directly fed into the hopper to make biscuits.

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How To Start Biscuit production Business In Nigeria

  1. Register Your Business Name And Get Licensed

The first you should is to ensure that your business name is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). You will also need to contact the Government regulatory agencies. These include:

  • Standard organization of Nigeria (SON)
  • National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)
  • National Agency for Food, Drugs, Administration and Control (NAFDAC)
  • Ministry of Health

These bodies will provide you with the necessary licensing and procedures you need to operate your biscuit business in Nigeria.

  1. Location

Your factory should be situated close to a market and source of raw materials, supply of man power ad social amenities is also recommended in siting your factory.

  1. Carry Out Market Analysis

This is to help you understand the current pricing from local biscuit wholesalers and for you to know how to set your prices.

  1. Have A Workable Business Plan

After your market analysis, you will need to write a business plan that details how you intend to source for funds, profit margin analysis etc. it will also help you determine the approximate monthly expenditures as well as income and other miscellaneous details.

  1. Set Your pricing

Having carried out a comprehensive market analysis, ensure that your prices are affordable to encourage continuous patronage and business partnerships.

  1. Recruit Effective Employees

A standard biscuit production factory will require a staff strength of about 20 – 50 personnel. These personnel will include marketers and chefs, managers, factory workers, engineers and technicians, accountants and miscellaneous staffs.

  1. Marketing/Advertising Your Business

In order to increase your biscuit product popularity, you need to advertise your business. You can advertise using fliers, handbills, TV adverts, Newspapers and word of mouth.

Biscuit Production Equipment and Requirements

These include the following:

  • Biscuit recipe
  • Large baking pans
  • Ovens
  • Storage bins for ingredients
  • Cooling conveyor
  • Flour mixer machine
  • Layout turning machine
  • Packaging machine
  • Sandwich machine
  • Oil spray machine
  • Rotary forming machine for hard biscuit
  • Rotary forming machine for soft biscuit


  • Business brochures
  • Business license
  • Health rating certificate


Biscuit production business is lucrative with all the right variables in place. Make sure you get good mentorship from those already in the production line and get educated on the whole process. Do not forget to always seek customer feedback, this will help you understand where you need to make improvement in your business. keep learning, expanding, earning and never stop investing.

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