How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pig farming in Nigeria also known as piggery business is a very lucrative livestock business that has come to stay. Pork meat is one of the most widely consumed white meat and also a lucrative agribusiness.

With pig farming you can get your return on investment with a very short time frame. This is the major reason that pig farming has been on the increase in Nigeria, knowing fully well that the government is repositioning the economy to be dependent on agriculture.

Along with traditional business ideas like poultry, pig farming can and will play an important role in poverty alleviation, creating employment, etc.

Advantages of Pig Farming In Nigeria

  1. Fast Reproduction:

Pigs are known for their fast reproduction system, which is faster than any other kind of livestock e.g cow, goat or sheeps.

  1. High chances of survival:

Pigs survive and produce more my consuming very little amount of low quality foods. They can be fed with garbage from the kitchen, agricultural waste etc, for the purpose of reducing feeding cost.

  1. Climate condition:

Statics have shown that the weather condition and geographical location of Nigeria is very suitable for pig farming.

  1. Income:

The individuals in this business are able to leave a comfortable life due to the fact that the business is a very profitable one.

  1. High Reproduction:

Generally a sow gives bet to piglets two times a year. Each time the give birth to at least 9 piglets or more. The gestation period is about 115 days.

How Much Profit Can Be Made

Like I stated in the advantages, a pig can give birth to over 9 piglets two times a year. A fully grown pig can be sold for as high as N30,000 to N40,000 depending on the weight. Let’s assume that you have 30 female pigs and each gives birth twice a year to at least 20 piglets each.

This means that at the end of the year you have 20 x 30 = 600. If you are to sale each pig for at least N30,000 that gives you N18,000,000.

How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria

  1. Secure A Suitable Land

A suitable land is what you must acquire before commencing your pig farm. Your choice of land will of cause depend on the number of pigs you intend to have for a start.

It is advisable to rear your pigs in a place where they can go out and fend for themselves before returning to their pen. Also ensure that the selected area has proximity to the market.

  1. Building A Standard Pen

A standard pen is one that is spacious enough and keeps them healthy, productive and free from diseases. It is important to put a proper drainage system in place to prevent stagnant water in the pen.

Make sure the foundation of the pen is very solid or built with strong stones, because pigs have a very strong mouth and can use their mouth to dig out the foundation.

It is advisable to build a swimming pool where your pigs can go and cool off and also clean their body, the pool should also have a drainage channel so that the water can be changed occasionally.

  1. Buy Pigs That Are Healthy

In other for you to farm a healthy farm, you have to ensure that the farm from which you are buying your piglets is a healthy one. Ensure that the adult pigs were given proper vaccine and that the piglets are also free from any infection.

pig farming in nigeria

It also advisable to employ the services of a veterinary doctor for vaccination and checkup as well healthy nutrition advice.

  1. Employ Staffs

Your number of staffs should depend on your number of pigs. 2 – 3 workers could be employed if you are starting on a small scale, as their duty will be just to help clean the pens, feeding and helping to change their water.

  1. Feeding

Pigs, just like humans can eat virtually anything that comes their way. They need their meal to be balanced, containing carbohydrates, iron, minerals, fat and oil, vitamins e.t.c. Although pig farming in Nigeria is quite cheap and you will not necessarily be spending a lot.

You must ensure that their drinking water is always fresh.


If you put all the factors above in place, then you are ready to start your pig farming business. The only thing that usually seems difficult is start-up, but once you pass that stage you will see how much profit you will begin to make as your pigs begin to multiply.




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