How To Start Recharge Card Business In Nigeria

Starting recharge card business in Nigeria is not as difficult or science as proofed as most people think. i.e recharge card business is not rocket science.

Recharge card business as we all know it today is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria. Every day millions people across the country buy recharge cards either to make calls or to subscribe for data.

Have you been trying to start a recharge card business in Nigeria without any reasonable progress?

If your answer is yes, then I am glad to inform you that today you will learn something new that if implemented properly your recharge card start-up business will be a success.

Categories of Recharge Card Business

In recharge card business, there are three categories (dealer, sub-dealer and retailer) and the category you belong to depends on the amount of money you are willing to start with.

  1. The Recharge Card Dealers

Recharge card dealers who have huge startup capital say about N10 to N20 million. Dealers buy directly from the mobile operators and hence the make the most profit in recharge card business. They sale to sub-dealers.

  1. The Recharge Card Sub Dealers

The sub-dealers act as middle men, the buy from dealers and sale to the retailers. The startup capital is within the range of N100,000 t0 N500,000. They make a profit of approximately N6,000 to N10,000 daily.

  1. Recharge Card Retailers

These are the set of people who buy from retailers and sale to end users or consumers. Their startup capital is usually in the range of N10,000 to N50,000. They profit made by retailers is often too small.

How To Start Recharge Card Business In Nigeria

  1. Get The Required Capital

As pointed out in the various categories, you do not need millions before you can venture into recharge card business. You will need money to buy either from dealers, sub-dealers or even the telecom company itself depending on your finance and also to subscribe for internet services.

  1. Learn How Recharge Card Is printed

Recharge card printing is neither something difficult nor technical. It is done by installing software on your computer that aids you in printing the recharge card. When you place an order from a dealer, an encrypted PIN is sent to you via your email address. The work of the software is to decrypt the card PINS and Serial number.

  1. Register With A recharge Card Printing Company Or Dealer

Registration is free. As a registered member, you are able to buy PINS and print recharge cards yourself. The printing company helps put you through I situations where you seem lost in the process.

  1. Computer/Laptop With Internet Connection

The computer is a must as it will contain the software that you will use in printing your recharge cards. Although internet connection is not a necessity because you can receive emails on your phone and transfer the information to your computer.

  1. Printer

You can decide to buy a colored or black and white printer, it’s all about choice and of cause your pocket.


Making Payment For Recharge Card PINS

The most common way of making payments for recharge card PIN is through the bank to the dealers account, except requested by the dealer to be made online. After which you send the proof of payment to the dealer.

Note that in order to get a recharge card printing dealer or recharge card dealers generally, depending on your location go to and type in the word “recharge card printing dealer” in the search bar, you will see a list of dealers and their locations.

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    How do I start please

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      Hello Olalekan, I believe you have read through and you have a certain budget in mind. I have sent you an email with my WhatsApp number so I can help explain to you in details.

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