9 Things You Should Do Daily As An Entrepreneur In Nigeria

The road to entrepreneurship is not an easy one, knowing that as an entrepreneur in Nigeria your sole aim is going into business with the mind of making profit.

Today I have decided to write a list of Do’s for an entrepreneur in Nigeria. These things are of cause some of the qualities of an entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur In Nigeria

9 Qualities Of An Entrepreneur In Nigeria

  1. Early Riser

As an entrepreneur you should master the habit of waking from sleep on time. It is recommended that an adult should have 6 to 7 hours of sleep at night. Therefore it is important that you go to bed on time so as to wake up on time and begin making preparations for the day.

Assuming you have a business center, it wouldn’t be logical that you go to open your business place by 9am or 10am whereas most shops are already open as early as 7 to 8am.

  1. Read A Lot Of Books

One good thing about reading good books is that it helps shape your mind, it helps you think well, it exposes you to new ideas, you learn from other peoples experience and you apply same to your business or enterprise.

The books you read doesn’t have to center on business or entrepreneurship but they should be books that will increase your knowledge on diverse topics and also improve your vocabulary.

  1. Keep Up With The Latest Trends

As an entrepreneur you cannot afford to be left behind especially when it has to do with things concerning innovation. Depending on your line of business, you should know when to make certain changes or improve on services. How do you know this?

By researching on your business line, reading newspapers, spying on your competitors, looking out for what they are doing that you are not and how you can do it in a better way.

  1. Customer Relation Matters

How you relate with your customers should with no doubt be the number one thing on your mind. Why? Because a customer who is treated right will definitely recommend friends and relatives to you and that way your business continues to grow.

Late Samuel Moore Walton the owner of Walmart has this to say about customers: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman, on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Have you ever been to a shop to buy something and the shop attendant talks to you rudely? How did you feel? Would you still want to return to that shop? Well I believe you would have a second thought about it.

How you treat your customers matters a lot. It is also advisable as an entrepreneur in Nigeria, to call and checkup on some of your customers if you haven’t seen them in a long time, this way they will feel loved and cared about.

  1. Maintain A Good relationship With Your Employees

It is true that without customers there is no business and it is also true that without employees there will be no one to attend to customers. So basically there will be no business.

Your employees are the face of your business; they are first people your customers come in contact with. So it is important that you have a good relationship/rapport with them so that they can always come to you and express themselves freely.

  1. Be Focused

As an entrepreneur you cannot afford to lose concentration or focus in whatever target or objective you have set for yourself. If you set a deadline to achieve a certain project, always strive to ensure that you meet that deadline against all odds. Never give up.

  1. Business Before Pleasure

Keep any form of romance out of your business place. It is important for you to know that you your employee is not in any way your bed mate. Sometimes most people see business opportunities but instead of concentrating on it, they begin to make advances at the opposite sex.

  1. Be A Calculative Risk Taker

Note the word “Calculative”. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, yes. But not careless risk takers. Ensure that you have a backup plan before venturing into any venture so that it fails you wouldn’t be left flat footed with no hope or any other choice.

I have seen people invest their every dime into something they are not very sure of, it ends up collapsing and it feels like there world has come to an end.

  1. Remember To Give Back To The Society

You don’t have to be a Dangote or an Elumelu before you can give back to the society. Little by little from your community you can start helping people today. Find a way to do good for the people and you will be glad you did.

I will love to hear from you. Please leave your questions or contributions in the comment box!

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