Webtalk: All you need to know

Webtalk is an innovative social and business network.

When doing business online, most of the time,you have to move to different social networks to place your ads while With Webtalk, you have everything in one place.

It is a new means of user experience communication based on 3 things:

Relationship-based data mining ,storage and search technologies to properly do your business online.

As a result,through Webtalk, you can properly manage your contacts, communication and content seamlessly.

Webtalk is similar to Facebook or Linkedin .It is also a business and social community like Amazon and shopify.

The difference between Webtalk and the other networks is that is has a free rewards program that offers real cash rewards to every Webtalk members anywhere in the world.This is what makes it different to other networks.

Site like Facebook generates billions of dollars in sales every year because of people like you and me who uses social networks and they never would offer you any money for that.

Webtalk was created to change thatIt earns money through advertising and shares a percentage of the amount to those people who have joined it’s network.This is very interesting because now people can earn while using this network.

Sites like Facebook and Linkedin started with no members at all but grew up to hundreds of millions of members because of people inviting their friends to these networks.However, people received nothing in return.

Webtalk decided to do it the other way round(disruptive technology).How?

There are 2 main ways they do that:

(1) It helps you multiply your referrals quite easily and help you earn money at the same time.When you directly invite people to join Webtalk and they invite the people they know,those people become your indirect referrals and they are added to your list infinitely.When those referrals who make any cash transaction online,you get a share of it.

(2) Webtalk also built an affiliate program called rewards you for your referrals through your networking pays cash commissions up to 50% all of revenue generated by your referrals.

What is the mission of Webtalk?

The main aim of Webtalk is to help you Organize your business in a structured way:

1) Through its filters, search and organization, Webtalk helps you get to the right information when you want it .

2) Through targeted communication, it helps you grow your relationships, careers and businesses.

3) Through 50% revenue share Webtalk shares it’s profit with you.

4) By donating 10% of all profits to charity,Webtalk wants to inspire other companies to do the same to be open to non-profit businesses .

Webtalk wants to be the first relationship-based marketplace for services and products that becomes THE destination for all marketers to do business online.

If you want an easy way to do business online,If you have difficulty in organising your online business and want everything in one place,then this definitely will be a great help to you.

Signup is currently on invitation.w

Click https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6548298 to join for free!

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